five star competition

WDSF Bulgarian Open Championship

International Open Competition made with sight to the luxury you deserve. Check it out.

The program

9th of March.2024 - Saturday:

Bulgarian Qualification Festival for the following categories:

(Bulgarian couples only!)

Junior 2 standard

Junior 2 10 dances

Youth 10 dances

Under 21 standard

Adult standard

Adult 10 dances

Open Solo Latin and Standard Format Categories:

  • 4/7y
  • 8/9y
  • 10/12y
  • 13/16y
  • Over 17y

Duo Female Latin Format Categories:

  • 4/7y
  • 8/9y
  • 10/12y
  • 13/16y
  • Over 17y

All solos will dance together but there will be multiple finals for each category:

A FINAL (top6)

B FINAL (7th-12th)

C FINAL (13th -18th)

So every solo will be judged in a final and will be placed 1st to 6th and will receive a medal during the prize ceremony. Like this they dance all together (A class, B class, C class) and will give them the opportunity to dance multiple times through out the day. 

They will be adjudicated per dance, so every Solo competitor has the opportunity to decide which dances they wish to compete in. (They don’t have to dance all 5 dances). So there will be 3 winners in Samba (final A/B/C) Cha-Cha, Rumba and so on.

For further information feel free to contact Salvatore Todaro via WhatsApp. 📲 +393391809872

Basic (Beginners) Couples:

  • Up to 7 years – La (Ch,J)
  • Up to 9 years – La (Ch,J)
  • Up to 11 years – La (Ch,R,J)
  • Up to 13 years – La (Ch,R,J)
  • Over 13 years – La (Ch,R,J)
  • Up to 7 years – St (W,Q)
  • Up to 9 years – St (W,Q)
  • Up to 11 years – St (W,T,Q)
  • Up to 13 years – St (W,T,Q)
  • Over 13 years – St (W,T,Q)

National Competition By Class:

(Bulgarian couples only!)

  • 7E, 9E, 11E, 13E 
  • 9D, 11D, 13D, 15D, 18D+D
  • 13C, 15C, 18C+ C
  • 15B – LA, 15B – ST
  • 18B+B – ST, 18B+B – LA
  • 18A+A – ST, 18A+A – LA

Open Rising Star Standard – Over 16y

Open Rising Star Latin – Over 16y

National competition fees:

  • E, D, and C class – 50 BGN per couple.
  • B and A class – 40 BGN per discipline.
  • Qualifications – 50 BGN per category.

For solo male/female:

  • WDSF fee 35 euro
  • Open solo Latin – 20 euro all dances
  • Open solo Standard – 20 euro all dances
  • Every additional group – 10 euro

Entry fee for solo Latin for both Open and WDSF competitions 45 euro.

Open Rising Stars Couples – Over 16y:

    • 35 eur for 1 category
    • 10 eur per additional category.

Beginners – 25 EUR per category.

Dead line for entries 04.03.2024

10th of March.2024 - Sunday

WDSF Open Solo Female Latin – Junior 1

WDSF Open Solo Female Standard – Junior 1

WDSF Open Solo Female Latin – Junior 2

WDSF Open Solo Female Standard – Junior 2

WDSF Open Solo Female Latin – Youth

WDSF Open Solo Female Standard – Youth

WDSF Open Solo Female Latin – Adult

WDSF Open Solo Female Standard – Adult

WDSF International Open Standard

WDSF International Open Latin

WDSF Youth Latin

WDSF Youth Standard

WDSF Junior 2 Standard

WDSF Junior 2 Latin

WDSF Under 21 Standard

WDSF Under 21 Latin

WDSF Senior 3 Standard

WDSF Senior 4 Standard

WDSF Senior 5 Standard

Open Junior 1 Standard

Open Junior 1 Latin

Open basic Juvenile 1 + 2 Standard and Latin (Ch,R,J)

Open basic Junior 1 + 2 Standard and Latin (S,Ch,R,J)

Open basic Youth + Adult Standard and Latin

Open senior 1 Latin

Open senior 2 Latin

Open senior 2 Standard

Open Professional Division Latin and Standard


WDSF entry fees for couple:

  • 70 euro first category.
  • 10 euro each additional category.

Only Open competition entry fee For couple:

  • 50 euro first category.
  • 10 euro for each additional competition.

For solo male/female:

  • WDSF fee 35 euro
  • Open solo Latin – 20 euro all dances
  • Open solo Standard – 20 euro all dances

Entry fee for solo Latin for both Open and WDSF competitions 45 euro.

Dead line for entries 04.03.2024

Training Camp

11th of March

World champions, European champions, Great names in our world of WDSF Dance Sport 

You can check more about the teachers on the button bellow. We guarantee you will like the setup and the atmosphere. 

So many great names are going to inspire you together on so many different topics.

Both Latin and Standard.

Book your place at the Camp – WhatsApp  +39 320 058 5883

For private lessons you can contact Violeta Yaneva WhatsApp. 📲 +39 320 058 5883.

You can check who is coming on the button bellow and to try to book your hours.

Its getting crowded here, hurry up! =)

Guests and visitors

The Entrance fee for visitors and VIP guests.



  • 25 EUR per person (whole day) – Цял ден
  • 15 EUR per person (1st part – classes competition) – I-ва част
  • 15 EUR per person (OFFICIAL PART) – Вечерна част
  • 160 EUR (Whole table, 8 chairs, all day) – 8 бройки столове на маса


  • 25 EUR per person – 1st Part – 1 Част
  • 30 EUR per person – 2nd Part – (Официална част)
  • 50 EUR per person – (Whole day) – Цял ден
  • 300 EUR – (Whole table, 8 chairs, all day) – 8 бройки столове на маса

Оfficial tel: 0899 107010 ( WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, FB) – Aneliya Parichkova/Анелия Паричкова


15 EUR – entry fee for Saturday

20 EUR – entry fee for Sunday

NOTE! This is not a VIP seat!

After Party

All of our guests will be invited for glamorous after party at MEGAMI club at Hotel Marinela.

On 10th of March starting at 22:30. You are invited to the best party ever. Its the greatest night club you can have around. Be sure you have your ID card with you and definitely bring your great disco moves and vibes.

OUR Partners

Happy Bar&Grill

The greatest food you can have! Just taste it and you will love it!

Usefull info

How to get?

Most common and easy ways to reach the hotel and the competition hall you can find bellow. If more information is needed, please contact us or the Hotel to find best sollution.

Get in contact with Marinela Hotel to check availability

Top Rent a Car

Bus lines: 84; 184 & 384

1407 Sofia, 100 James Bourchier Boulevard Hotel Marinela


Desired Metro station is Dzheyms Bautcher (James Baucher)

National emergency

Emergency number is 112

Tokuda +00359 02 403 4000

We try to support

all of our guests

In any case of need or else, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We will guide you if you are in Sofia, Bulgaria for the first time.

Just a glance of what you can expect

What you can see in Sofia

Sofia is the 15th largest city in the European Union with a population of around 1.3 million people. It has been ranked by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network as a Beta city. Many of the major universities, cultural institutions and commercial companies of Bulgaria are concentrated in Sofia. Sofia’s development as a significant settlement owes much to its central position in the Balkans. It is situated in western Bulgaria, at the northern foot of the Vitosha mountain, in the Sofia Valley that is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The valley has an average altitude of 550 metres. Three mountain passes lead to the city, which have been key roads since antiquity, connecting the Adriatic Sea and Central Europe with the Black and Aegean Seas. A number of low rivers cross the city, including the Vladayska and the Perlovska. The Iskar River in its upper course flows near eastern Sofia. The city is known for its 49 mineral and thermal springs. Artificial and dam lakes were built in the twentieth century.

Famous Alexander Nevski dome with the golden cupolas. An impressive place just few steps away.

National Palace of Culture is placed right in the city center sarounded by beatiful walking areas which you should spend some time.

The triangle of Bulgarian President, Parlament and Ministry.

The greatest of all


They speak English, Russian, Spanish and Italian. You can book your appointment and be gorgeous as always. WhatsApp +34 603 752211
Beauty Code
Elek Reka Stylist - Professional Hairstyle For Latin and Standard. You can book your appointment and glow at the dancefloor. WhatsApp: +36 70 335 9997
SapphIre Studio are specialized in Make Up and Hairstyle for Latin and Standard. You can book your appointment at WhatsApp: +48 88 394 3070
Sapphire Studio
Don't worry

We got you covered!

All the things you can imagine are going to be at boot in the dance hall. All small details which you can forget are going to be here for you.

All at the competition in Sofia

Hair styling accessory 


You can pay cash in Euro or with Debit/Credit Card

Get in contact with ReniDance and ask for size.

Great training dancewear

Boys and Girls collections of all

ReniDance speaks English

Hotel Reservation

To save you some time we leave here a fast link to Hotel Marinela in Sofia. They are our host for the competition and the ballroom hall is placed in it. So, just book your room now and be sure you are going to enjoy the most beautiful competition on the Balkans.

Email for reservation
Telephone Reservations